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Many Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers to up their giving on a monthly basis so we can get out of a financial hole, which has run over $5,000 a month since May. Our limited reserves can’t carry this burden long before we wind up putting a strain on staff, on the ways we serve each other, and the wider community. 

Can you be one of those who stretch further in this difficult time? Church income held stronger than you might imagine for some early parts of the year after we all figured out how to do our life digitally. 

But even with many cutbacks, we are falling behind. This needs a quick correction so we are not limited in our work either now or when we begin the processes of returning to worshiping in the Sanctuary again. 

If you can be one to help, Bless you.  We understand that this may not be the time for some to step up, that many are currently experiencing severe financial strain of their own.  We do plan, though, to get through this together.

Dorothy Klishevich, Finance Chair

Rod Brayfindley, Pastor

Aaron Johnson, Leadership Chair

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