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Maybe It’s Backwards?

Maybe it’s Backwards?

As a young kid I was certain I wasn’t a Christian and didn’t have the slightest interest in Christian spirituality. 

But I was drawn to Christmas Eve services. I loved them, and insisted my family never miss a Christmas Eve candlelight service. 

Often we seem to expect people to have a faith before they begin to see the power of worship. Maybe it’s not like that. Maybe what matters is the raw and bright experience of being in a space of worship with a spiritual family first that can light further pursuit of a spiritual life. 

Somehow I know that it was in this order for me: First, find the beauty and power of worship in community. Then consider the meanings behind it and what that can mean for me in my life. 

Either way, I hope you get to celebrate Christmas Eve either with your church family live or on Facebook Live on time or later. Remember, 5:00 for the Family service and 8:00 for a beautiful choral music led service. 

Soon enough, Merry Christmas


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