Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

Meals Update!

Not rain, nor hail, nor dark of night will keep us from serving those in need. All of you will remember the rain storm on Sunday, October 24th. Well, that put a challenge on providing a hot meal and dry warm food. We improvised and opened the doors on the J Street side of the church near the office. And it worked! Some of our guests huddled on the steps to eat. We gave out scarfs, that Sandy Adams made and brought in. We handed out socks and blankets and healthy snacks and of course Irene Brown’s cookies.  To the guests that showed up it did make a difference. We had extra burritos and Patricia and Rich took these out to encampments and we spread the feast around. 

Thank you to our cooks, Joe and Juan and Patricia for always providing amazing meals. Thank you to our bakers, Irene Brown, Peggy Adams, Linda Schneider and Kari Parker you bring smiles to so many faces. Thank you to our shoppers; Patricia Daugherty, Cinde Dolphin, Anna Weiham and Roberta Mori. Thank you to our many servers and volunteers that hand-out food, clothing, set up lunch bags, make sandwiches and serve coffee. These volunteers include the Rodriguez Family, Kari and Todd Parker, Doug Treadwell, Bill Skinner, Anna Weiham, Cinde Dolphin, Patricia Daugherty, Carl Thomas, Linda Schneider, and most recently our Jesuit and St Francis student volunteers. And we thank you the congregation for your support, your gifts and the caring.  This is an AMAZING congregation! 

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