Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

More Opening

As we continue to cautiously open the building to more activities, we are welcoming back many 12 step groups. These groups are sisters to all faiths, as their goals are restoring people to their best selves, and building supportive communities to nurture those restorations. 


As well as these long-term additions, we’ve also added a summer program that is a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math camp. These are solid programs for kids. The kids all wear masks along with their teachers. 


And now we’re working toward bringing back Family Promise. There are protocols we need to work out to assure safety for all participants, but we’re getting close. 


Please pray for the Trustees, Pat Coleman their Chair, and for Mary Meister our Facility Manager. There’s a lot to manage here. We are committed to having the building be as good about serving people as each one of us has committed to be. It’s a sacred work. 


Rod Brayfindley

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