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New Hires

The staff pastor relations committee would like to announce two new hires.  The first is our communications assistant, JB Brayfindley.  She took over during an emergency in April and was able to upload our Easter service with very little notice.  Since then, she has worked on the website, video-taped our weekly worship services, and organized our newsletters.  She has innovated our online services to include Saturday as a day to experience the services as well as Sunday.  SPRC has now formally hired her as our permanent communications assistant.

The second new hire is that of our youth leader, Isabel Velazquez Loza.  She will be working closely with the pastor to re-energize the youth program and help to grow it. She brings experience supervising youth in a retail environment and working with at risk individuals at the Salvation Army.  We extend a big welcome to both of them.


Julian Leonard

SPRC Chairperson

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