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Outside Goes Inside

Depending on the COVID-19 restrictions over the last year, Health & Karate classes have been held outside in the parking lot or courtyard area or not at all.

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Cathy Love’s News

Many of you have heard that Cathy Love, a member of our congregation has finished her Masters in Divinity and will graduate this month. It’s fantastic news for

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Friends, I was just looking at the millions of dollars the United Methodist Church’s general agencies have granted in 52 countries for COVID relief and recovery projects. It

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Love First Word May 3, 2021

This week, Pastor Rod discusses prayer. Online messages by Rev. Rod Brayfindley are presented via video on YouTube each weekday under the title, “Love First Word.” Love First

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A Life

I used to go to a Russian Orthodox monastery with some frequency. As interesting as all the monastic life is, the prayer and worship and meditation experiences were

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