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No Small Dream (NSD)

The Leadership Team meeting Tuesday April 20 was an inspiring experience that also encompassed many big decisions. 

One was we adopted a spending plan that did all we could to adjust for the struggles and shortages from the COVID shutdown. The work we do together is expected to cost roughly $744,000. It is a remarkable combination with the force multiplier of our volunteer commitments and a solid and loving staff.

And of course we are getting warmed up for in person worship beginning in the Courtyard on May 23 weekend and July 4 weekend for indoor-ing. That is a thrilling doorway for us all to walk through. Some health protocols may change by those dates, so we’re waiting for just a bit before we announce details. We will still do the recorded service that we’re doing now for a Sunday alternative for those who can’t attend in person.

And also, in a bold step, the Leadership Team adopted a plan called “No Small Dream” to offer the gift of faith and faith family to more people in the Sacramento area. This will involve many steps. Some of the more visible ones will be hiring a Youth Leader again, and new banners on the Chapel walls. But there are countless parts to the plan. It launches in the Fall, so you’ll see lots more about this over the later summer. 

I care that you are alive to God with my whole soul. Please explore prayer. And continue in acts of kindness that knit you in God’s heart. 

And I’ll see you soon!

Rod Brayfindley

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