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November Community Meals Update

  November 2021 Community Meal Update

It is the month of Thanksgiving and we give thanks this year for so many of our blessings. One of those blessings is our Community Meal ministry. We have had an abundance of food, clothing, funds and volunteer hours provided to support this program.  As of November, we have served over 1800 meals and made over 4,000 sandwiches this year. Our volunteers have contributed over 1200 hours of service as they feed those in need, bake cookies, make sandwiches and breakfast burritos. There have been clothing drives, hats and scarfs have been handmade, coffee has warmed the hearts of those on the street. Personal items and resources have been dispensed to those in need. This month in addition to the meals $10.00 gift cards to Grocery Outlet were dispensed to 50 members of the community. This helps our in-need population make it though the month. Without this congregation this program would not be possible. Thank you for your service, your gifts and your time in giving to our community. 

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