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“Pathways to Faith” Goes Online

Pathways to Faith has had a long history in our church.  It is an adult class that was meeting every Sunday morning to discuss the Biblical passage for the week and the basis for the sermon that morning.  The class focuses on how and why this Bible story shows up in the world around us and explores its relevance in our lives. The class is facilitated by a team of our best teachers/leaders.


Since the pandemic the participants in the class have not been able to gather.  Nevertheless, their team leadership has not forgotten them.  A resource has been emailed out to the class that offers some reflection and further thoughts to explore.  There has not been an easy way to duplicate the lively class discussion until now.  


Beginning August 8, 2020 the class resource material is moving onto a private Facebook group page titled “Pathways to Faith – Love First”.  The class resource material will be posted on the Facebook page for easy access and provides group members a way to engage in conversation with each other about the Bible passage for the week.


The good news is now more of our church family and friends can join in the reflection and conversation that Pathways to Faith provides. 


You can join this Facebook group page by clicking on this link  because it is a private group your request to join will come to Linda Caldwell and Doug Treadwell who administer the page.  They will approve your request and you will be able to enjoy the learning and companionship of Pathways to Faith.

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