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Pledge Drive Begins

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Pledge Drive Begins

Our Annual Pledge Drive begins this weekend and ends Sunday November 21. 

We’re like almost all churches. We’ve had a very difficult time getting through these last 21 months. The Finance Team may have lost a few extra hairs, and turned the rest of their hairs whiter. 

Even while it’s been tough, we celebrate all the wonderful givers (you included!) that have kept us going during the pandemic. Bless you and thank you. I hope your giving is a joyful part of your prayers and communion with God. 

Remember, pledges really help the Finance Team anticipate options for managing the financial commitments of the church, just like a steady income can help you do the same for your own finances. So pledge if you can, and remember, too, that a pledge can be adjusted at any time in a year if your circumstances change. 

Bless you and look for your letter and pledge card!

Terry Haug, 

Financial Secretary

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