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We all have people and situations we pray for. In our church family we have several we pray for regularly, who are in treatment or dealing with long term disease. We ask you to add prayers for:

  • For all those affected by the fires and weather; we are with you in spirit and in prayer.
  • For close friends of Irene Brown; for Yuriy Oliynyk who passed on 9/13 and his wife Ola who is in intensive care.
  • Dolores Orozco, member of Kathleen Hamamond’s family.  Also prayers for son-in-law, Juan, and daughter, Taryn.

  • Please pray for the following persons, their families, and their medical teams:
  •      Myrtle Findley, mother of JB    
  •      Charlotte friend of Nate Price and family. 
  •      Ruth Segura, mother of Jaime Segura
  •      Jonnie Johnson for her recovery from surgery and strength for Jim
  • Dick & Betty Johnson on the loss of her sister
  • We pray for an end to the pandemic, for those that are suffering, for care-givers, an end to misinformation, and for adherence to health officials recommendations.

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