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Maybe we all need some Good News. 

Many of us are working double hard to support the church with our General Fund giving, which sustains the church. And many of are putting what we can into United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) for both fire and COVID relief, all the while we face the daunting challenge of fixing the underpinning of our Sanctuary. 

Yet there is good news. 

We’ve now put over $300,000 in cash and pledges into our Sanctuary Fund!!! 

Certainly some in our congregation are in COVID economic loss so bad that all their financial giving is compromised. We are stretching our Family Assistance Fund far to share in this time of need for several.

 Bless ALL of you for the many ways you give your self and your gifts. Keep doing All the Good You Can in the name of Christ. 

Pat Coleman, Trustee Chair

Dorothy Klishevich, Finance Chair,

Rod Brayfindley, Pastor

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