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We did well, Friends. First Church was represented at the California Nevada Conference of the United Methodist Church Annual Conference (here’s a smile: This year it was held in … Sacramento!) by Andrea Johnson and Laura Reed and Doug Treadwell as well as clergy Linda Caldwell, Linda Kelly, and Carl Thomas! The event was October 29-31. Each of these members of the Annual Conference vote their own conscience, so are full members when they attend, not just delegates. 

There was some unpleasant news, for sure. Several churches were officially closed, and the new budget for the region reflects that. 

But there was a great deal of good news. Not only are we a part of a Conference that has dozens of languages represented in our worshiping congregations, but many churches’ vital ministries expanded this last year, like several of ours at First Church. The Conference even started brand new ministries and congregations- even remotely during the pandemic! And our Conference is still standing up for the rights of many that are often neglected. 

As a double wonder, Jb Brayfindley was awarded the Bishop Warner Brown Jr. award for Innovation and Collaboration in ministry! 

We can be proud to be part of this Conference of the United Methodist Church. And we can be proud of those from our congregation who took the time to go there.


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