Midtown Sacramento 21st & J


What will it mean to us now that Sacramento County has moved down to the “Red” category for COVID 19 infections rates? Are United Methodist Churches beginning to meet again for worship? 


The answers are complex, but promising. 


First, a prelude: Keep remembering your mask and distance during this time in your personal and work life! Keep loving your neighbor! 


And get those vaccines. 


And pray for the scientists and politicians and medical professionals and front line workers everywhere. 


But this is a promising development for us. We need to be cautious, but I am considering having some kinds of gathering in the Courtyard in May. And depending on variables of infection rate, mutations, and advice from medical and church experts, we may or may not move indoors in June. 


Still, at this point our scheduled official re-start is Sunday July 4. 


It’s coming, Wonderful Friends! 


Rod Brayfindley

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