Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

Rev Rod

I’d like to meet. But I’m with the Bishop. No one, NO ONE should get COVID 19 by going to a United Methodist Church. Ever. So we wait. 

But I’ve loved being with you on video. This is so strange to say. I have for a lifetime felt negative about “TV church”. But this is not a distant, meaningless connection where we will never really know each other. This is US, even if remotely together. 

It’s been suggested we invite you to share on your social media any of the Love First Words that we do on the church website. I use the YouTube site Love First Word if I need to see it after I record it. That may be easier to share from. If they are encouraging to you, or if one of them speaks to you in some important way, I’m ok with you sharing anything that can make life better for anyone anywhere. 

We have had to do some layoffs, but with a smaller staff, we are running at full steam. The building has been improved in many small ways. The music from John Hillebrandt keeps inspiring, the videos and newsletter work from Keanan is amazing, Tracee Simoni-Clark and Deana Dean are reaching and loving a bunch of our kids (they have 17 on their contact list), Dena Dale keeps our bills paid, and Mary Meister keeps tabs on so much of our life and facilities that it’s too much to write! Johnny Morales keeps working on those improvements. 

And that’s just STAFF. Volunteers continue to provide Youth ministry, community meals, planning for our future work and spiritual development, and connecting us to each other. 

So KEEP BEING LOVE FIRST, FRIENDS. And I’ll see you on video and Zoom and GotoMeeting, and hear you on the phone and chat with you on text and email and here. 

So when we’re NOT together, church is awesome. And when we’re back, church will be awesome!! 

With Love, Rod

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