Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

Rev Rod

I’ve been amazed, enthralled even, at so many ways you are being church these last many months. I’m not saying I’m not frustrated over the pandemic, and like all people I’ve had my low days. But look at you!! You have kept loving in powerful, grace-filled, Jesus-inspired ways. 

• Worship every Sunday has been joyous and meaningful on line.

• 2100 J Street Compass Kids on YouTube has reached many of our kids, and some parts of it have even reached several other churches. 

• The Community Meal crew has found such gracious and safe ways to serve those in need of a warm meal outside the building. 

• Many of our Teams have been planning and executing great kindnesses.

• And I get to be in many of your homes daily through the Love First Word either from our website, Facebook, or on Youtube. 

And due to the work of our Trustees, Facility Planning Steering Committee, Mary Meister our Facility Manager, Leadership Team and many others, here we are beginning the historic first phase of renewing our Sanctuary so it’ll be here for people opening their lives up to God in the year 2100! (see related article)

This new Love First Monthly, and its companion, the brief weekly Weekly Update can be utilized to find latest information on many activities, from our local congregation all the way to international United Methodist news. 

It’s pretty exciting to have JJ Warren coming to be with us as our preacher on August 9! JJ is a dynamic speaker who has made a big impact on the United Methodist church family in the last few years. 

We are intertwined together. We are people drawn by God’s Spirit to be one church together, focused on the love Jesus calls us to. 

I’ll never get over the privilege of serving you. I am so humbled by the gift of you, who are truly Love First. 

Your pastor, 


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