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Sacramento Food Bank Support Services

These are difficult times, many families are faced with financial distress, isolation and unrest. There are community support services available that can help you and your family. One of those support services is the Sacramento Food Bank. This organization has been helping serve the community of Sacramento for over 30 years. They provide support to 43 Food Banks in the Sacramento Region. A list of these Food Banks can be obtained from this site just entry of your zip code, and a list of local agencies will be provided.

In addition to food and nutritional support the Sacramento Food Bank supports 14 programs that include; Cal Fresh (support with food stamps at no cost to you), clothing, diapers, help with job training, education, Farmers Market match program, soil farms harvesting of fresh fruit and vegetables. And the Senior Food Box program, this program is currently feeding over 3,000 local Seniors.  If you are unable to get out and obtain food please contact Roberta Mori at (916) 256-0557 or and we can set up services for food from the Food Bank to be delivered to you. 

Please know you are not alone, there is support at First United Methodist Church in Sacramento, contact Pastor Rod Brayfindley at  (916) 468-9019 or Just know in this challenging times there is support in our community and church to assist you and your family.

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