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Christmas in July

As of August 1, due to the increase in the rapid spread of the Delta variant; we’ll have shorter worship services. We won’t sing. Communion will be shared in the courtyard. We will no longer have the kid’s station in the back. 

Here is a message from pastor Rod:


“Greetings Wonderful First Church Family,


I have spent hours considering the newest CDC information. I’m sure you have too. And I’ve talked with several church advisors and leaders. This is a setback for all of us.


First, we’ll have even shorter worship services at 9:30 and 11:00 am for those who choose to come to church in person this week. We won’t sing. We’ll still be masking, and after the very brief service, communion will be shared as we head out, in the courtyard.. We won’t have the kids’ station in the back of the worship space. It’s going to be different, and quite short.

Second, we’re definitely going to be keeping online worship as an option for everyone! We’ll keep sending the link on Saturdays.


The great news is the vast majority of our attenders over 12 years old are fully vaccinated. And our Children’s Ministry and now our new youth leader Isabel Valazquez (yes, this is a preliminary announcement of her hiring!) are gearing up right now to reach our kids and teens over the coming weeks. And the community meals and showers continue, too. Your gifts have been sustaining us throughout!


This is a time for prayer and caution. Let’s be part of the solution encouraging friends to get shots, staying home when possible, masking everywhere we are indoors, and caring for each other.


We said from the very beginning that NO ONE is going to be able to catch COVID here at First Church. We still hold to this.

You are loved. And you ARE Love First.



Rod Brayfindley”


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