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Showers & a History of Community Breakfast

First United Methodist Church in Sacramento started to serve community breakfast in the fall of 2002 as part of the Senior High, Sunday School class. The youth group had been participating in the Sierra Service Project. Many of the students at the time wondered, “How can we bring the experience of service home?”


The youth started by serving “sack breakfast” to whoever would come, the first breakfast was served in the parking lot. The second breakfast moved and was served in the courtyard.  Later a buffet was set-up in the Social Hall.  As the numbers grew the idea generated to allow guests to sit down to enjoy the meal, this then transitioned to a sit-down meal with plates and silverware and servers.


Now Covid-19 changed our approach, but the need to feed and support our community continues.  We adapted to “to go” meals served at the front gate. Volunteers bring food and a smile to our guests. The vision of the original youth group continues. For nearly 18 years this program has been a foundational cornerstone of FUMC, supported by the entire congregation to serve and support those in need.  COVID-19 did not stop the program just reframed the approach. We have returned to “to go meals” for breakfast served the last two Sundays of the month and dinner served the third Tuesday of the month.


Now portable showers are available in our small parking lot behind the church. “Sh.O.W. U.P.” (Showers on Wheels for Unhoused Patrons) is a non-profit group that provides hygienic service to our vulnerable community. The portable showers are brought in on a trailer. Guests are provided with a towel, underwear and socks along with personal hygiene items. Guests have time to shower and clean up and then are offered a bag lunch and water. The portable showers are towed to different locations daily, to provide services to our vulnerable community. For more information click here

Thank you for your support of this program. 

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