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Slow ReStart

Slow ReStart 

Friends, restarting church after our third COVID break is a challenge. I want to share with you the “math” that I’m using in evaluating the return options. 

-I see numbers that suggest we are peaking in infections right now in the Sac area. 

-But hospitalizations for those fully vaccinated and boosted are staying quite low. 

-A number of people from our congregation reported getting the Omicron variant recently from situations like job settings and social gatherings. All had mild symptoms and as fully vaccinated and boosted, they are now in the largely “safe zone” of what is sometimes called the “90 day window” where their likelihood of carrying the virus in an infectious way or of getting reinfected is minimal.

-Our protocols of masks and distance and (for the time being) not singing or of “coffee-hour-ing” together, as well as responsible people staying home if they’ve been exposed or have symptoms or have tested positive, have kept us from any infections resulting from our gathering for worship. 

So here is what I’m resolving to do for a re-start: 

You are invited to come to worship starting this Sunday, January 30 IF you are fully vaccinated and boosted if your vaccination was more than five months ago. Of course we’ll keep the rigorous safety protocols. And sadly, we won’t start up our children and youth activities till after the second Sunday of February, at least. 

It may be that many of you will wait longer to return. That is reasonable in every sense. I think if we return slowly, a few of us each week, we’ll be doing very well as the recent virulent COVID cycle abates. It is predicted to last up to four more weeks at heightened levels, so caution is laudatory, by all means. 

But I do plan to be in the Terrace Room this weekend, January 30 for in person worship. Remember to utilize Facebook Live anytime from 9:30 on that day, and the pre-recorded service is on the webpage and YouTube by Saturday. 

Science is another way we meet the Christ, who is the “Way, the TRUTH, and the Life”. So follow the science and encourage your friends and family to do so, too. Conspiracy theorists are thriving in our day. Don’t get sucked in. With love, 

Rod Brayfindley

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