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Some Decisions Made: More to Come

On Tuesday January 12 over 30 of our church family responded to a call to decision making about proposals for our facility upgrades. These each have implications for our east lots at 22nd Street. 

The ideas for upgrading our building have included funding either from a joint venture, a land lease, or a sale of some or all of our 22nd Street side property. The decisions made on January 12 took both a joint venture and a land lease off the table. They were deemed as too risky with too little return for the congregation. 

There will be another set of decisions in front of us at a meeting Thursday January 21 at 6:30. We will have before us options to sell a part of the property on the East (22nd Street) side or to do nothing. All choices cost. But working together, we can make the best decision to support the greatest work of First Church. 

These decisions were made by consensus of the entire attending body. We were led brilliantly by Linda Caldwell. This was the result of the tireless work of co-chairs Roseanne Lopez and Burt Peterson, along with Tara Thronson, Laura Reed, Gary Varney, Aaron Johnson, Pat Coleman, Danny Yost, and Facility Manager Mary Meister. 

Amazing. Just amazing. 

Bless you all, 

Rod Brayfindley

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