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Start Slow?

Start Slow? 

My end of year and beginning of year have been episodes in snowpocalypse. Maybe I’ve needed this. Jb and I were snowed in without power in our home in Colfax for four days. Then the planned three day trip to return my daughter and son-in-law’s dog to East Washington turned into a wild and much longer situation. 

But I’m also going slow in some other ways. We are Omicron-ed enough as a state and county to warrant maximum caution. I’m glad we can do church in person for those who feel safe enough, but it’s a very compressed experience even then. 

But it’s working out for me. Pastors put lots of energy into the Christmas season, like so many of our staff and volunteers have. And between the need for some regeneration and the complexities of navigating the newest COVID issues, I’m going slow. 

And that is my advice to each of you. Go slow. Take time away from media when you can. Read. Walk. Pray. Listen. Write. Don’t bust 2022 all in a week or so. 

We have a great, mystically wonderful life and calling together. Let’s trust and take one step after another in thoughtful preparation and work. 

You are loved. 

Rod Brayfindley

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