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Starting Over?

2020 didn’t turn out like any of planned. But the birth of Christ is a chance to start over, to be born yet again, to make a path straight for God to enter in. Our Advent services continue to be warm and full of grace. Now we begin to prepare for Christmas.


Here’s a suggested plan for the season: Get a candle or candles ready for Christmas Eve service, and join it at the church website starting any time that evening, but available at 5:00. I hope you can join either at 5:00 or 8:00 so you’ll know you’re on with others, but any time will work after that time.


Then make Christmas a 12 day season like the ancient church did. Do something and love someone on each day of those 12. We’ll repeat a lot of our music of the season in our service on Sunday December 27. The Love First Word will be a bit different on those 12 days, and then we’ll come to a service of renewal on January 3. A New Beginning.  Followed by the joyful and sacred season of Discovery and Light called Epiphany on the rest of the Sundays in January.


We are now held up for our In Person Worship plans. I have tentatively marked the month of March for the highly protective services that follow stringent protocols for our gatherings. We’ll see. Then with vaccines coming on line further into the year, I’m targeting July for beginning something like the services we’ve had in the past.


Bless you each. It’s Advent. Make it a season of tender waiting, and joyful expectation. See you in church (well, actually, on the website or Facebook or YouTube!). 

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