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Staying True

Our long-time commitment to raising people out of homelessness continues. FUMC has worked with Family Promise for years and we’ve seen tens of families find homes and jobs. We send them supportive financial gifts out of our budget each year and we are doing so now. 

Family Promise has had to house their families in hotels/motels due to the pandemic. And has had to order food for them since families bringing food would be dangerous. So our gift of $2,000 will go immediately to assist in that daunting demand. 

They have currently reduced the number of families they can help at a time to two instead of four. But they are still having success in getting families that have been unhoused for some reason permanently housed and employed.


Bless your giving to First Church. You do MUCH good. And Family Promise is one of the beautiful ways you do it.


Gina McDoniels

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