Midtown Sacramento 21st & J


We are able to meet safely. Well, sort of. Well. Not very many of us. And … outside. And … physically distanced. And … not for worship yet. And … with masks. 

Sound doubtful? It may be real! But read the fine print. 

Next week a committee consisting of Terry Haug, Norm Helsel, Mary Meister, and me (Rod) will meet to go over the rigorous protocols that our Bishop insists churches meet before we open our building. The Bishop’s firm commitment is that we will not allow a single person to be able to catch the COVID virus at a United Methodist event. 

But here is how we could meet those protocols in a very VERY different way: with just 12 of us meeting at a time in the Courtyard, at a distance from each other, in masks. It wouldn’t be for worship, yet. Just to see each other’s faces, or half of each other’s faces, at least. And to be on site. 

This will require two steps: First, making sure we can do this perfectly safely, as the Bishop expects; and Second, by invitation so that we’ll be able to keep each event at just 12 people. These won’t be weekly events. But it would be great to see faces in a safe way, following the best practices we learn from real (not politicized) science.

Look for details in the coming weeks. 


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