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Taking a Break

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A Break for the Pastor

Folks, you have a tired pastor. It’s been a long two years. And there have been a few worries. On top of some harsh personal grief. 

So I asked the Staff Parish Relations Committee for a Renewal Leave for February. The up side for First Church is not only getting your pastor recharged, but also we get to hear Carl Thomas and then Jim Mishler and then Linda Caldwell for Sundays in church!! They will also be the team ready to respond to pastoral needs during the weeks I’m away. 

One thing to note is that this is a complete leave, where I won’t be in contact at all. A month is a long time to be completely away, and I’ll miss you. But I’m going to work hard to make very sure I don’t miss working the hours and keeping up with all the challenges the church has faced over this long stretch. 

My scheduled return date is March 2, so I won’t miss the fun stuff like finishing the building project or finalizing the sale of our east property. 

Feel free to contact the office at 916-446-5025, or email the church at for pastoral matters while I’m away. We have a great team of leaders and staff. I don’t have to worry about that, which is going to help me relax, for sure. 

Bless you for all your care and prayers. 

Rod Brayfindley

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