Midtown Sacramento 21st & J


black frying pan with brown rice
Photo by Jacob Thomas on Unsplash

HELP Afghani refugees by … making tamales? Yes! Help us raise $103,000 to ensure all 45 families get a change to be safe in Sacramento! The Humanitarian Parole application fee per applicant is $575 and many cannot afford it. So, during September, the Tamalada fundraiser sold 300 dozen tamales at $25 each! We raised $7,500 so far! And, even though we sold out, you can always donate more funds at Norcal Resist’s tiny We have 300 families on the Humanitarian Parole Clinic waiting list. Families tend to have 4-8 people back in Afghanistan they want to apply for parole.


And so, in September we SOLD 300 DOZEN TAMALES!!! 


Pick up is set for October 10, 2021 … but first, we need to make them!!! Sooooo, if you’re interested in cooking, or cleanup or other tasks–we can use your help! We will be cooking on Saturday, October 9, 2021 at the church.  Sign up NOW for October 9th

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