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We each take our part in funding the Big and Beautiful ministry of First Church. Between wise asset management and our church giving, we averaged close to $40,000 in monthly income before the COVID shutdown. In the last three months, that average has dropped to under $35,000.


At this point we have reduced staffing to John Hillebrandt, Keanan Evers, Tracee Simonini-Clark, Deana Dean, and Rod Brayfindley as our wonderful program team, and Johnny Morales, Mary Meister, and Dena Dale in our maintenance and administrative team. All other staff have been furloughed for the time being.


What can you do to help? First of all, pray for God’s guidance for your church family. If you are able to give more, do that, too. We continue to slowly build the Sanctuary Fund that we need for the big work set to be done this Fall/Winter. But remember, too, your regular giving that holds all our ministries together.


God Bless you each. 


Dorothy Klishevich, Finance Chair

Julian Leonard, Staff Parish Chair

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