Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

The Incredible !!!

There it was, the Thursday before Thanksgiving, and First Church’s seniors were feasting on a Thanksgiving meal in the Terrace Room (the social hall), from turkey to pie. This is a wonderful, warm event that is put on by a host of volunteers. We owe thanks to each one, from Pat Peck to Linda Brooks to Dorothy Klishevich to Glenn and Gwen Tilton to Pat Ronten to Sandy Adams to Irene Brown and sis Rosemarie to Jaime Segura and Doug Treadwell to Kevin Manz to Mark and Julie Rodriguez to Pinky St. Aubin!! 

We also received a huge blessing in the words of Rev. Linda Kelly.  

And behind each and every step, behind each and every volunteer and invitation, was Pat Coleman. Pat, we all salute you. You are amazing and you did a spectacular job pulling all of us and all the parts of this event together. 

And it is Every One of You, First Church, that builds and supports projects like these. Bless you all. 

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