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The Melody of Faith: Reflections of a Spiritual Companion

Relief filled me, and many others, to see the end of the most alarming year I have lived through. The year 2020 brought isolation, loneliness, anxiety, sickness and even death to so many. It left us cowering in our own homes unless we were essential workers who with in dread went to work anyway. I am so grateful for those who labored to help the rest of us stay safe. I pray for them and for all those who are out of work due to the pandemic and cannot afford to pay the rent; for those who are hungry and alone and live in distress that I cannot know.

And now the events in our Capitol this past week have not brought a very encouraging start to 2021. What is to become of our country and our future, we may wonder?

Rubem Alves, Brazilian theologian, writes, “Hope is hearing the melody of the future. Faith is to dance to it.” 

I hope the melody of the future is not in a minor key, a key of sadness, pain and loss. And yet, with faith, we can still dance even to music in a minor key. To dance is to move, to act, to keenly feel whatever is there and not let it completely overwhelm us. Faith is to trust in God that God is still with us, even in the suffering, even in the doubt, even in the pain, that allows us to dance. 

Elijah ran in fear of his life to a cave in Horeb and listened for God. But God was not in the powerful wind, or the mighty earthquake, or the fire that passed by.  God was in the sheer silence. “Be still and know that I am God” wrote the Psalmist. Be still and know. In the sheer silence before God we can hear the melody of hope and dance to it in faith.


Yes, God is here, even in the chaos of the present moment. Even in the dark corners of our lives, and we can dance because God is.

So, move. Dance the slow mournful moves of loss, and to the upbeat notes of joy and assurance. Have faith. Trust. Hear the melody that is hope; dance to the melody that is faith.


[Linda is a retired United Methodist pastor and a trained Spiritual Director/Companion. Her website is: .]

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