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The People

Food "to go" ministry begins here...


Meet people who are helping guide our work together.

Leadership Team:

Chair: Aaron Johnson
Secretary: Julie Rodriguez
Lay Leader: Doug Treadwell and Amy Price
Annual Conference Members: Laura Reed and Andrea Johnson
Alternate Member to Annual Conference: Doug Treadwell
SPR Chair: Irene Brown
Trustee Chair: Pat Coleman
Finance Chair: Dorothy Klishevich
Treasurer: Bill Skinner
Financial Secretary: Terry Haug
UMW Chair: Phyllis Varney
Worship Chair: Terry Haug
LGBTQ+ Reconciliating and Social Justice Chair: Doug Treadwell 

Invitation Chair: Jessie Buckmaster
MOMS Representative: Linda Brooks
Church Historian: Joan Haug-West
Membership Secretary: Doug Treadwell
Spiritual Development Chair: Linda Caldwell
Facility Planning Steering Committee Co-Chairs: Roseanne Lopez and Burt Peterson

 Ministry Staff

Pastor: Rod Brayfindley
Director of Operations: Mary Meister

Bookkeeper: Ashley baker

Director of Communications: JB Brayfindley
Director of Children’s Ministry: Tracee Simonini-Clark

Assistant Director of Children’s Ministry: Deana Dean 

Children’s Ministry Assistant: Rosemary Madsen

Director of Youth Ministry: Isabel Velazquez Loza

Director of Music Ministry: John Hillebrandt

Band Leader: Broc Mason

Invitation Team: Jessie Buckmaster, Chair;  JB Brayfindley, Doug Treadwell.

Spiritual Development Team: Linda Caldwell, Chair; Amy Price, Pat Peck, Eric Thronson, Deana Dean, Tracee Simonini-Clark, Carl Thomas

Worship Team:  Terry Haug, Chair; Norm Helsel, vice chair; Jaime Segura, Marvin Brown,  Jan Beale

Staff Parish Relations: Chair, Julian Leonard


Julian Leonard, Irene Brown, Alison Coterill


Roberta Smith, Scott Stromen, Bayliss Camp


Mike McDoniels, Jan Mishler, Sue Slagel

Board of Trustees


Greg Beale, Pat Peck, Danny Yost


Tony Malott, Jaime Segura, Pat Coleman


Peggy Adams, Gary Varney, Judy Walker

Nominations: Chair, Pastor Rod


Bob Peck


Carl Thomas, Phyllis Varney


Julian Leonard

Jaime Segura

Finance: Chair, Dorothy Klishevich
Aaron Johnson (Leadership Chair)
Pat Coleman (Trustee Rep)
Financial Secretary: Eric Thronson
Ass’t Financial Secretaries: Adora Crame, Connie Fanos, Pam Fredenberg, Terry Haug

Treasurer: Bill Skinner

Assistant Treasurers: Norm Helsel, Pat Peck, Pat Coleman


Compass Kids – Check out the children’s webpage, YouTube page and sign up for the kid’s email.

YOUTH – take on the world together with God’s love and each other. Email Isabel.

LGBTQ Reconciling – network, connect and work alongside others in the church and community.

Community Social Justice – actively participate in changing the world for good.

Spiritual Development – find opportunities to grow from the inside out with your spiritual family.

Mom’s – Support women with children in fun and meaningful ways.

United Methodist Women – study, pray and take on projects to support women around the world.

Music – opportunities to sing in the chancel choir or band and play instruments. Email John.

The Brewing Company – small group sharing and resilience building. Email JB.

Second Saturday Art – Share and help others to share art talents.


Our ministry staff includes episcopal and district leadership as well as local church staff.

Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño is a third-generation Methodist. She felt a call to ordained ministry as a child.
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Episcopal Office


Born in Tokyo, Japan, Goto earned a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Washington in Seattle, and M.Div. from PSR in Berkeley. Shinya is married to the Rev. Jennifer Goto and has two children, son Dakota and daughter Reina.

District Superintendent


Author of "The Awed Life" and many songs, Rod earned a Masters in Div. from SMU Perkins School of Theology. Rod and JB have three grown children, Isak, Eva, and Amanda and two grandkids, Kambria and Shawn.
John is the choir director, organist/pianist. He often performs his originals pieces. He retired in 2011 from California State University, Stanislaus.
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Deana and Tracee have been visiting kids with drive bys and dropping of fun supplies.
want a visit?

Deana Dean

Tracee is busy signing up families for the new kids' newsletter via email.
kids email signup

Tracee Siminoni-Clarke

Isabel brings experiencing youth in retail and working with at risk individuals in transitional housing for the Salvation Army.

Isabel Velazquez Loza

Broc's talents include playing guitar, drums and bass. He played for chapel at Northwest Nazarene University. He enjoys music from rock to folk and beyond.

Broc Mason

Ashley is a dedicated professional with 12 years accounting experience and launching her own business, "Everyday Bookkeeping."

Ashley Baker

JB works on our webpage and YouTube messages including Love First Word and Sunday online worship services.

JB Brayfindley

Mary is our connection for anything in the building including maintaining janitorial staff and booking usage of rooms for events and groups.
room reservations
Johnny has been with First for over 30 years and knows how to fix anything anywhere!

Johnny Morales

Lead Custodian