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The Practice

Last Sunday in my in-person worship Christmas sermon I mentioned the book The Practice of the Presence of God, of Brother Lawrence. It is a book (really almost a booklet) that profoundly influenced my life, and has been read by millions over four + centuries.

Think about this: That book is written in a style of writing that was going out of style even as it was being written. It is the only book of its age that I would ever EVER recommend people read. The 13thto 17th century spiritual book writing style is quite foreign to our ears and minds. 

But what is Brother Lawrence’s discovery that transcends ages and styles? An experience of a 24 hour spirituality, God aware. Not God-thinking. No one thinks about God or talks to God every minute. But to let our lives be in a form of almost constant communion is possible, at least within the limits of our flaws. 

For the online services last week we wanted to put the Christmas service that was actually the one we did on the 24th last year (2020). And this Sunday is even more important to us to put the Easter 2021 service that we recorded for it back then, because that was the one that didn’t get up on line till late, and many people missed the incredible music. 

So for those of you who didn’t hear this last Sunday’s Christmas message, I’m glad to share some of the Practice of the Presence of God book reference I made in the sermon. Bless you all,


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