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The Return Gathers Steam?

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The Return Gathers Steam?

We’ve begun seeing more people in the church building on Sundays. And visitors, too. I think we’re beginning to see a Return to something that might some day feel like “normal”, if ever there was such a thing. 

With the rise of so much extremism and group targeting in our own country, and the horrors of Ukraine and the looming disasters over climate, normal may not be the place to which we seek to return. 

The New Testament idea of a “Kin-dom of God”, or sometimes called “no enduring city” was built around letting our eyes always see further into the reign and ways of God. Lent is the perfect time to reflect on how we return, and how we can seek new ways. 

We are learning together how to do this in worship. We’ll sing a bit more soon, and I long for that for you and for us. We’ll see more kids returning. And we will be able to respond to even more of our callings. 

I want you to know it feels great to be back. And alongside you. 

There are big things happening among us. Some will be exciting news to share soon, and some will just be more of the great goodness we’ve come to anticipate in our lives in this shared Grace. Stay the course, and look ahead. Stretch ahead to where God is calling you and us, as we both Return, and Move Further Up and Farther In. 

Alongside with great joy,

Rod Brayfindley

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