Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

The Sandwich Service

What an amazing congregation here at First United Methodist Church! When Laura Reed and Anna Weihman put out the request for support in making sandwiches to help feed the unhoused there was an overwhelming response from our congregation. Volunteers have stepped up and week after week making sandwiches at home and then bringing them into the church. Each person/family makes 25 sandwiches, either peanut butter and jelly or salami and cheese. These sandwiches arrive on Monday evening so we can be ready to dispense the first 50 sandwiches by 8:00 AM on Shower Tuesday. A big THANK YOU to our Sandwich makers; The Malott Family, Anna Weihman, Carl Thomas, Julian Leonard, Laura and Steve Reed, Bayliss Camp, Dorothy Klishevich, Bill Skinner.


In preparation for the sandwiches, sandwich bags are labeled and filled with juice, fruit, a protein bar and a napkin. Seeing a table of 100 bags is a welcome site, the fresh sandwiches are placed in bags and then taken out to the shower team. We have guests waiting at 8:00 AM by the showers for these lunch bags. It is a gift to be able to feed so many members of this community. Last week Carl Thomas, Laila Atalla and Patricia Daugherty came in to help assemble the sandwich bags. If you are interested in helping with sandwich bag assembly let Laura Reed know,  It feels good to be back in the kitchen at FUMC making the meals. 

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