Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

Tree Tragedy

As a congregation strongly committed to the environment, it has broken many of our hearts that two trees had to be removed from our Courtyard due to sidewalk and potential foundation damage. 


Now we appear to be having a different problem with a small tree outside the gate near the chapel. It has been used for people to gain entry over the gate and into the Courtyard. Already the slowdown in mid-town activity has led to our needing to hire security for troubles that went as far as fires lit at our doors. Now this new problem may mean trouble for yet a third tree on our grounds. 


I’ve asked Mary Meister, our superb Facility Manager, to look into possibilities of a trim that might preclude the problem. This appears to be an unlikely solution. 


What this has reminded me to ask you is for prayer for our finances and our facility team, from Mary to Johnny to the Trustees to the Finance Team. The long COVID shutdown has led to many challenges. The amazing, AMAZING thing has been how you and so many alongside you have made us able to work and serve and love so broadly even now. But challenges? We have them! 


Bless you all, 

Rod Brayfindley

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