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Vital Fire Response

The support from members and friends of First Church to the idea of creating a Fire Response Group to assist people in Northern California and perhaps Northwestern Nevada in the event of disastrous wildfire damage has been strong. 


We will move as quickly as we can to training. The goal of the team is First, to help in early trauma and emergency support for fire victims. This will mean a “rapid response” responsibility where FRG members would be asked to move some personal schedules to provide speedy support to people who may be facing major losses and trauma. 


Second, it will also be aimed at longer term work with United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) to do Volunteer In Mission (VIM) projects toward people’s rebuilding efforts. 


Thank God for a church committed to Love First. We are continuing to find ways to do good and spread that love as widely and as deeply as we can. If you also want to be participant in the effort, contact me as soon as you can. 


Rod Brayfindley

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