Midtown Sacramento 21st & J


We have completed the request of our District Superintendent Shinya Goto and our Bishop Minerva Carcaño for the protocols that would allow us to return to in person worship. This is a thorough and rigorous process of reviewing protocols that will be required to assure our safety in worship. We are waiting for the approval. 


This will first inaugurate our In the Courtyard small gatherings that will give us a foretaste of the joy of seeing each other again. We will only announce dates for these when the approval is given. So we wait expectantly.


In between now and then, I have begun visiting church family. It has been fantastic to see faces without counting pixels. These visits are usually very brief, and always with my mask on. 10 feet away in the front lawn is not uncommon for the setting. I’ve seen only 30 people and it has taken three weeks, so if you’re not on my list yet, know it may take a while.


It does help if you email me to let me know a visit can work for you. Use


Bless you. 



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