Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

Way Too Much

Some of you have realized how excited I get. I try to suppress it, since it’s just so … undignified? (I hope you laughed at that). 

But this week ahead has such big items in it. We’ll learn if there’s a major release to move forward or a major hold up on the Sanctuary work from a test that was done on the perimeter, we’ll likely learn of the Bishop’s guidance for our building plans, and we’ll be coming back to worship on May 23!!!!!!!!

I’m so completely excited.

Seeing the choir and John and Kevin coming to the building to lift us in music, and the showers and meals and kindnesses going on in our parking lot, and the vaccines that we are providing space for on Tuesday mornings, and the plans of the SPR and Leadership Team moving us toward hiring a Youth Director and Music Team Leader, and working with the Leadership and Invitation Teams on a major invitation project in the Fall, and the Spiritual Development Team working on a new way to build us further into discipleship, and …

… oops. Did my excitement show too much?

Do plan to walk or bike or drive by the church at night in June. We’re going to light the arches in a sweet way for Pride month. 

A line from an old hymn sticks with me: “I stand amazed”. I do. Life can be very painful for each of us at times. When it’s not, rejoice as wildly as you can. When it is, draw near to the amazing grace that holds and draws you into the love of God.

See you soon,


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