Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

We Begin to Return!!

Our plans to return to in person worship have begun to take shape. We plan to have services on Saturday and Sunday January 2 and 3! It looks like these will be in the Chapel for a while, as the Sanctuary work is likely to be ongoing by that time.


Of course, this will still involve temperature checks at the door, physical distance, masks, and no singing together(!), but we can do this and make it work well. And the kids will stay in the service, as we won’t be able to move to classrooms yet.


You’ll be getting more information about this as the time gets close. There is excitement over this, but some people may still want to wait until a vaccine is widely available.


The ONE thing we are committed to do is that these services are to be safe. The Bishop has insisted that no one get infected because they attend worship in a United Methodist Church. So our protocols will be rigorous.


And our worship will be tender and joyous!

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