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We Forgot Joe???

We Forgot Joe??? 

Sunday January 30 at noon there will be a Charge Conference to recertify Joe Gonzalez as a candidate for ministry. Charge Conference members will get a Zoom invitation. 

Joe has been a wonderful and gracious part of the First Church family for almost 4 years. He began pursuing a call to ministry almost two years ago. Then of all things, he was plucked out from us to serve a congregation in Vacaville as its pastor even before he finished seminary. 

Joe continues training toward his Masters Degree in ministry, and will continue to have his candidacy for ministry come through First Church. He should have had that renewed at our Fall Charge Conference, but it was left off. 

Joe? Not forgotten. His recertification? Well, it’s remembered now!!

With some embarrassment and red-faced apologies to Joe,

Rod Brayfindley

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