Midtown Sacramento 21st & J

What Purple Looks Like

America’s failure to contain the COVID pandemic has hit our area hard. Upon the designation of our area as having crossed into purple again, we are modifying our plans to reopen, and will have to wait until the signals are much different before we can return to those plans. 


We have not officially canceled plans to return to in person worship in January, but stay tuned. We had once hoped to return to in person worship in June. And again in September. And then we formalized plans for January. Instead we’re even pulling back from the small gatherings we have had in the Courtyard for the present time.


Let’s keep praying diligently for wisdom from our leaders, support for our medical and research communities, and blessings for the “essential workers” that continue to have to work in these dangerous conditions.


Our day will come! We will see each other again. And it will be wonderful!! Bless each of you. 


Rod Brayfindley

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