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Why So Wide?

Why So Wide?

Some churches work brilliantly at only one thing. I know of a church that is famous for the small groups they help people find their way into. I know of another that is fantastic at music, and has amazing music on Sundays and supports music learning in other ways, too. You’ve probably heard the phrase “The way to focus on one single thing is to focus on one single thing”. 


But as First Church, we don’t focus on one thing. This is not in any way critical of congregations that have chosen to do only one thing and do it intensely well. 


But we have a wide sense of mission. A sense of call to the wide set of needs all around us. 


The Spiritual Development Team has sponsored brilliant classes and small groups, and is preparing to roll out a new, profound way to do those again and more. And UMW and MOMS have been at that for years, too; 


The Reconciling and Social Justice (RSJ)Team has a long history of standing up for the LGBTQ community and others who can get disenfranchised; 


Our Community Meal program is vital to so many who are living in desperate circumstances. The services we provide are supported by RSJ, too; 


-We have a fantastic music program that is even set to expand when the immediate COVID troubles are over; 


-We use our facility for over twenty 12 Step meetings a week;


-We provide a health program through the Health and Martial Arts Center as well as provide space for a Yoga group and a diabetic support group from Sacramento Native American Health Center. 


-We provide excellent support for teens and kids on their way to becoming grown-ups, from great programs both online and in person all the way to college scholarships.


I’ll stop with this incomplete list. But notice: It’s a WIDE reach. Why? Because we feel there are just so many ways we are gifted as a community, and the needs for healing and life enrichment are so many. For us and for many others. 


When I meet with the Mayor early in November, we get heard because our reach is wide, and because we are known for our care and length of reach into Sacramento and the region. 


This is about You. Your calling. Your work. Your heart. Hang in there, friends. Do all the good you can. We are also all working to undo destructive influences in our culture. And overall, let’s stay emphatically in love with God. Together. 


Rod Brayfindley

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