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Winded, Drained, but Making the Finish Line

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Winded, Drained, but Making the Finish Line

First Church has faced a pandemic, a building reconstruction challenge so demanding we had to sell part of our parking lot, and long waits, but we’re near a completion point on our Sanctuary. There is talk of moving back into the Sanctuary for worship in June!

This has been and will be challenges ahead. Some work didn’t get scheduled for a lack of funds even after we sold the ½ parking lot. And the pandemic has left us financially wobbly, but you are God’s great love and your loving gifts have carried us this far. We’re almost through the worst of it. 

Thanks for all that you do to make First Church Love First. Keep serving, growing, giving, praying, and loving with all your heart. Keep the fire of love for God and for each other burning brightly. 

And on top of it all, we will continue joining with United Methodist churches around the world doing great good, and nourishing renewed lives in each of us and in millions more. 

Doug Treadwell, 9:30 Lay Leader 

Amy Price, 11:00 Lay Leader

Rod Brayfindley, pastor

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