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World Communion Sunday Postponed?

For generations, United Methodists have taken a special offering on the first Sunday of October in addition to their regular Sunday offerings. The event? World Communion Sunday. A big portion of the offering goes to United Methodist students in the USA (some of you might think of Caroline Adams, or Cathy Love, or soon perhaps, Joe Gonzales) for various scholarships. 

Another portion goes to the wider world for similar scholarships. The troubles with this year come with some difficulties arranging for special offerings. But for anyone who wishes, give a donation to World Communion’s ministry of supporting students who are training to do great good either by sending a check to FUMC with a note on it for World Communion Sunday or to make a note on your on line giving in a similar fashion. 

We will actually celebrate that day and giving to it a week later this year here at First Church. So plan on the remembrance of our world connection to come the second Sunday of October.

Plan on an Update on Church Finances

As the third quarter of the year has concluded, we will be preparing both giving receipts for each giver and a financial update. Your giving statement should be out fairly soon, so look for it. And we’ll put the finance update in this Brief as soon as we get it. Yes, finances are a hard go this year, but many, and likely including you, have kept faith in their giving and have even gone beyond their regular giving to support the Sanctuary Fund as well. Bless all of you for your part in this great and beautiful ministry.

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